Changes in Rules with Modern Public Folders

Have you noticed that Modern Public Folder assistant rules will no longer forward messages to the authenticated sender who sent the message?  In other words, suppose you had a PF folder rule in Exchange 2010 that forwarded messages to a group of users. Authenticated messages to that folder would all get routed- even back to the original sender. This is no longer the case with Modern Public Folders ( Exchange 2013 /16). The original *authenticated* sender will no longer get any message forwarded back to themselves –  no doubt to prevent mail loops since Modern Public Folders are mailboxes in disguise. Makes sense don’t you think?

Installing an Edge Role Server as a domain member server works with Exchange 2013 CU10

And maybe CU9. Haven’t tested that, but nonetheless, it didn’t work before CU9. So why install into an existing forest instead of the recommended DMZ or Workgroup?  Edge Roles can do more then just “Edge” stuff. They make great open relay servers within your org, let you leverage Powershell and beat the pants off any IIS/SMTP stack you may be running. By installing into an existing forest as a domain member, you can use your domain creds of course, which is a good thing. If you have the licenses, go for  it. The Edge role is right in the Exchange admin’s wheelhouse.

Consider the Edge if you need an open SMTP relay in your org. Options are good.