My Top Five Lackluster Band Names

My personal list of the top 5 band names that show really no attempt to come up with anything clever or original. My criteria? None really. But these names have always annoyed me. I guess it doesn’t take much.

5. The Cars: Do I need to say more? I love these guys as much as the next person, but this is all they could come up with? Good luck getting Alexa to figure it out.  Be prepared to hear Gary Numan.

4. Mr. Mister: Why oh why?  I know they chose that name as a joke, but it felt so stupid to even say it.

3. Train: Right up there with “The Cars”.

2. Yes: No.

And the most lackluster…

1. J. Giles Band: Naming after a founding member is not unusual or bad in of itself, but usually it’s the artist most closely associated with the group. You know, that person that stands out or clearly represents them to the world. No, not this one. How many people even know which one is Mr. Giles? Even worse, one of the members is named “Magic Dick”.

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