Outlook ate my Attachments!

Fixed! If you are seeing this issue, close and re-open Outlook! 

Kinda stumbled upon this the other day when sending a text file through Outlook. The recipient informed me it wasn’t received. Oh jeez, did I just think I sent that?

So I sent it again and even included a pic of it attached to ease my embarrassment. Nope, the recipient was still not getting it- just the email itself.

I checked my sent items and sure enough, no paper clip icon. So I ran a bunch of tests sending different sized text files,  and as you can see from the results (with my clever subject lines – sigh), some went through, some did not.

Message tracking in Office 365 revealed nothing unusual.

I wondered if it was just me, so I did a little searching and found someone reporting the same issue in the TechEd Forums:


At this point, it appears to affect only text attachments over 4MB using Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus C2R Outlook  8431.2079 and above, but not Outlook on the Web ( OWA) or whatever it’s called now. Your experience may be different.

As you can see, I’m using the latest and greatest version!

I have also reported this issue, so hopefully it will get fixed soon.

In the meantime, compress that text attachment to below 4MB, upload to OneDrive or a shared drive.

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